Journey to LA Marathon 2012

March 16, 2012 Friday.. our bibs will not be used!! click on that link..


My entry that reminds me of  how it went on that marathon day .


I will be posting here and there about my journey to this famous Los Angeles Marathon. This will mark my second consecutive run of the race. If I ever make it to the end of this race this time. I said that because  I have had so much physical issues since November last year. I was out of my routine when I visited my niece in DC. I didn't mind missing a week of gym workout since I was able to run on the streets while there.

I also got sick towards the end of my visit there. I came home with some issues that lead me to be on this medication for 11 days and didn't lift any muscles at all for all that time plus more.

And when I went back to the gym and start running again , not only that I was out of it but gain but knee injury. And for that I am still in process of healing of the injuries which made me worried about the race.

I guess if husband hadn't registered us yet, I wouldn't feel so terribly bad if I decided not to run it because of this and that. But let me share a photo of that registration that really made me proud in a lot of ways and him too.

We both earned the privileged to be in the corral. I have never thought I would be so proud to be in a corral. I guess if you are into marathon and stuff, you would know what I'm talking about..