Wednesday, January 27, 2016

She turned 30

She turned 30 this year. She's come a long way and seing her confidently growing up and maturing on her speed makes me feel  happier and confident she will be greater person you will come across, great contributor to a comunity.

She's able to fit me into her busy schedule. She came and spent quality time. Just her and I went out to lunch. She liked the dim sum place in Montery Park that a friend of mine showed me. 

She had so much plan this year. I'm so happy for her that finally she's found someone that makes her feel special. They just moved in together to a new place that her sweet bf found for them. After a year them being together in his apartment, they both felt it's time to get a new place that just them two in it and her dog Brutus to grow into. They're planing to have a family. I'm excited. 

Such a blessing to have a sweet kid . I'm so proud of her and what she has accomplished for herself. She's got lots of opportunity coming up this year, travelling to represent her company is in the air.  I'm just a happy mother. Love her to the moon. 

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