D and C

November 07, 2011 Monday experience.

So, didn't have to have anything to eat 8 hrs prior to my checking into the operating room.. My arrival time was 11 am and the actual operation was at 12 noon. Got there at the office a little bit early than I was supposed to but that's how I like it. They had me sign many papers and I'm always thankful the opportunity to have my husband standing next to me helping/ looking over what I need to sign. In case I don't understand what they want me to sign.

Done signing the papers and sat for a bit waiting for a nurse to come and take me away. Had to say goodbye to my hubby when a very friendly nurse came to take me to another room.

Got into another huge room. It's a room where they prep you for surgery. My nurse's name is Kerri . She's nice. She told me to put all my personal belongings in that bag they provided, all clothing must be taken off but socks. It's cold morning.  She came back when I finished undressing and had the hospital dress on. Told me to lay on the bed and obediently I did. She covered me with a very nice warm blanket.

She started to look for my  veins on my left hand. Slightly she slaps my hand for it to come up. She had a little bit trouble finding one. First time try, it didn't work. She had to find another veins to poke and she did. This time she was successful. Told her she did a great job.

I was all ready for the anesthesiologist to come in. He came and check everything and all was ready. He left after 10 minutes perhaps it was for him to write and double check everything.

Another nurse came in and her name is Rachel. She told me she will be at the operating room with me and that gave me comfort. She wheeled me to the operating room. On my way there my GYNO greeted me and that was nice of her. They transferred me to another bed with my IV's on. Laying there made me scared. I saw 2 extra big guys with their mouth covered. Seeing them there made me feel as if I am going to be butchered.. not a good feeling. Rachel got close to me when she's attaching chords on me for the monitor. I whispered to her " are you going to be here the whole time of surgery" she nicely answered, "yes".. I said, "thank you". Two minutes maybe since I got into the room, I passed out. Don't remember anything other than I wanted to asked my GYNO and I had no chance.

Woke up in the other room. I asked another nurse, a guy one, if I will see my Gyno and he said no. He said to call her if I have problems. The anesthesiologist was there at my bed side and asked me if I'm okay and I said yes. He also offered if I want water or juice and picked juice.He opened it and inserted a bendable straw and handed it to me. I sip some and almost throw up there in front of everyone. The juice went in the wrong way. I cough myself until I could drink again.

Anyhow, I was awake on time like they told me to. The guy nurse called my husband and husband said he will be in 20 more minutes. So I told the guy that I will wait on him and will try to rest.

Husband came in and I'm pretty awake this time. I conversed pretty good with him compare to the GI thing I had done, a couple weeks ago.

Husband helped me getting dressed and off we went. I walked to the car this time. I was okay. Got to the car, husband opened the bag and gave me hot soup from Panda. So nice and thoughtful of him giving me what I wanted. He drove home while I ate my hot food.

My Gyno took some photos of what she did today. I wouldn't hear anything about the biopsy until a week from now. And I shall call her for follow up appointment.

I felt going to sleep right now. But it's almost 5 pm. Guess have hang on from sleeping so I get some good sleep tonight. Maybe I'll sort out some photos here online at least productive time ..


What is dilation and curettage (D&C)?

Dilation and curettage (D&C) is a procedure in which the cervix of the uterus is expanded (dilated) so that the uterine lining (endometrium) can be removed with a spoon-shaped instrument called a curet or curette. The procedure is performed for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, this surgery is done in order to help determine the cause of abnormal uterine bleeding. It can also be done to help determine the degree of abnormality of the endometrium in cases of cancer or pre-cancerous cells that are detected by an in-office biopsy. D&C is also sometimes necessary to remove tissue after a miscarriage.

Why is a D&C done?

In general, a D&C is used to help determine the health of the uterine lining or to remove abnormal tissue. Occasionally, the procedure can correct some of the problems in the uterus such as polyps, scar tissue, or tissue overgrowth.

What are reasons not to perform a D&C?

There are very few contraindications to D&C. Generally if a patient is too ill to undergo surgery, then she should probably not have this procedure. Furthermore, if the patient is unable to move her legs apart, such as with severe arthritis in the hips, the surgeon may not be able to perform the procedure since it requires enough movement of the legs to accommodate a speculum and the surgeon. If the patient is pregnant or thinks that she could be pregnant, she should not have the operation unless the D&C is for the purpose of an abortion.