My girl

She's an aquarious baby.
  • She's very attentive kid and always have ears for  you.
  • Always fond of reading ever since she can. 
  • Very loving, thoughtful and helpful.
  •  She can draw out of her imagination. 

A little bit story about her arrival.
I gave birth to her in a little hut in Mati , Davao Oriental Philippines on January of Nineteen eighty six. Her biological father and I rented a tiny little hut at that time. Then invited his mother and two of his sisters to come live with us so I have help if I happen to have contractions and  that he's not there with me.

It was very early in the morning, I can remember maybe 4 am. I was supposedly to go walking with pregnant friend that I met from walking but didn't make it. Her grandma was so nurturing person, she took care of me. She was there next to my bed comforting me when contractions comes. He was there too but not near me or in the same room. He was outside of the house but can hear and see what's happening.  He made sure things go right and that if it's not, he had buddy nearby to get jeep to go to hospital. But that's how males in the culture acts.

She was such a  healthy baby. Full of black, healthy hair. She cried when she arrived..hehe. Her grandma took care everything that she  needed. From washing her hair to giving me soup so I can breast feed her right away. I felt and saw that they really love my baby. That made me happy and loved. His mother called him to come in and hold her to craddle and be next to me after she's got cleaned and warmly wrapped.

A nurse came to cut her cord. She weigh about 5.6 lbs.My labour probably went on about 2 hrs.  I would walk every early morning for maybe 1 hr during my 3rd trimester. Maybe 2 weeks prior to her arrival, I would walk the stairs with my pregnant friend. I mean the stairs were long. Looking back now, that walking up and down the stairs may have helped me in giving birth without long labour. I had very small stomach. Friends and family came to see my precious bundle.

I wished I had pictures of her when she's baby. I didn't have money. I was just happy to be able to supply food for her and that's she's healthy.

His family left after a month when they see I can  fully take care of her. I was so greateful for their help that I got from them, even though my home was so small. I remember it was difficult to move in the kitchen without elbowing Mybe the whole intire hut measured 10 feet by 20 feet. I was satisfied and that was a lot.

Taken in Napili Maui, Hawaii, 7.19.2014

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