Colon N Endoscopy

Today's date is September 29, 2011

Colonoscopy and Endoscopy at the age of 47. Yes, I just celebrated my 47th year.

Supposedly, I will have this procedure done when 50 and up, but I have had some issues lately. My doctor sent me to all this exams just to make sure..

It all started in June this year. I didn't have my monthly period for two months. Within those times I was worried thinking I could be pregnant. So we did what usually couples do, have the pregnancy test done. And we tested twice. At the third week of Aug, I had to see my doctor about my issues. So he sent me to the following.
  1. Blood work.. I did it right after I left his office.
  2. See my GYNO.. since I haven't seen her for ages.. made an appointment right after i got home that day from my doctor. --she also sent me for a blood work and reproductive systems ultrasound. and all of them were done and will see her in October 3rd for a follow up discussion as to what she has found.
  3. To make and appointment to the GI doctor. and I did.
  4. And another blood work after a month from seeing him which I have done already.

 So this morning I had my Colonoscopy and Endoscopy procedure done. I had no problem with the procedure at all. What made me gag and very anxious was the preparation for the procedure. I had the longest fasting I ever had in my life, well beside running away from my home when I was a kid, no food to eat for a day ..

The place I went for my procedure was really nice. The staff are very alert and friendly. When I got into the second room for the real preparation for the procedure, the place is very neat, large,  very clean, well staffed. The nurses made it comfortable for me as their patient. They are well organized.

First nurse entertained me and told me to get undress and  put all my belongings in the bag . When I was done getting undressed she came back in and told me hop on the bed . She took my blood pressure and it was a bit high and told her that I am really anxious about this since yesterday and she said it's okay.

The second nurse came over to me and told me that she will be my nurse in the procedure room. She put needle in my right arm for the iv. She was good at her job. She asked me questions and when she's done with that she wheeled my bed to another room.  The colon doctor that's going to perform the procedure came in and asked me if there's anything new from the first time I saw him which was a week ago and I said "nothing doctor". Then he left and the second nurse came to my bed and said " I will start the sedation" and I said "okay." Well, seconds after she put something in my IV, I was completely out. No clue after that.

I woke up in the room where I got undressed earlier. I opened my eyes and there's  my husband combing my hair with his hands. It was so sweet of him for taking care of me all this time. Another nurse told me to get dress and I did. Doctor came over and told us what he found and gave us pictures. He found nothing wrong with my colon and he will get back to us with the biopsy.

So got dressed and nurse came over with a wheel chair. She helped me to get on it since I still look droggy. Husband went outside to get the car and she wheeled me out the door. She helped me get off the wheel chair. Husband situated me in the Jeep and drove away. Just before he drove out the parking lot he asked me if I want my lobster sushi he's got me and I hungrily said, yes. Ate it all while he was driving. After eating it all, I said to him that I am dizzy and so he said to lay back the seat and I did.

I woke up when he stopped the car in the driveway. He helped me getting out of the Jeep. I felt still way too sedated to be walking by myself, so he helped me get in the house and into the bed. And deep sleep I went.

I woke up again when my cell phone vibrated that was sitting on my dresser. I guess I wasn't all that sedated for me to be able to hear something vibrates. There's few missed calls and just dialed the last one and it was Matt. He just got out of the school and told him to walk home alone and that we both are home and I am sleeping.

He came in my bedroom to see me. I told him that I am okay and that I am just sleeping just so he won't be so worried. I went back to sleep again and only to be woken up with his loud voice talking to his friends on X-box. So then I decided to get up and find some food in the kitchen.

Herb showed me what he got while I was in the GI room. He got me another nice orchid..lots of groceries and other stuff.

Herb went out for an 8 mile run while I was eating and cooking the dinner as well.

My day went fine after that gagging moment last night. oh it was nasty. The liquid that i had to drink was nasty with the lemon-lime flavor. yuck.. And the sad thing is, I have to do same thing over again in 10 years..

well. I will continue writing here when I get the result from all the exams I had taken. chao for now.

9.30.2011 @ 9 am.

I found out last night from talking to husband that I was in and out of myself and that I really forgot what happened when he came over to my bed with all IV's attached. He was telling me that I spoke to the nurse and that she gave me two cups of apple juice. He told me that she asked me if I wanted juice and I supposedly said yes..Huh.. I was out of it.

Then he said that A nurse came over with papers and read things to me and I signed them. Well, I certainly remember that when he mentioned it.

Another thing that i don't remember him being on the phone while I was in the Jeep with him coming home. I said I completely went to sleep after eating the lobster sushi you brought me.

I guess I was half asleep and couldn't remember everything on my own until someone re-tells the stuff.


Last night, I was so miserable. My nose was running and I sneezed the whole night. I went to sleep with my nose running all night. Then my stomach was making a lot of noises maybe at 2 am. From then on I couldn't sleep properly.

I'm still having problems with my nose. I guess whatever they use to sedate me, I'm allergic to it or some sort. I will just have to wait until all that goes away and that means in another day or two..huh!.

I guess I have to get off the computer now and do some exercising. I will just do the bike this morning. I don't think I want to run outside  with my nose running.