Thursday, October 19, 2017

making succulents dish

I have this hypertufa I made last year. I had it sit around to cure. Well, they say the longer it sits around not being used will last longer. Well, we will see about that, but it's been a year and I'm excited to just fill it up with something fun to make.

I used the large bubble wrap as my plastic to make sure my tufa mix don't stick to my mold. And it turns out very nice. I also have a dish that I made out of small bubble wrap and I will fill it up with succulent when I get time.
 tufa dish

So, i decided to gather most of my tiny furry cactus that I have around in it's tiny little pot and put them all in that big, and shallow tufa I made. 

I went to Joan Fabric store near my house a while ago to find some discounted stuff and found that little guy reading a book. I thought it's cute just to have it sit there next to cactus that seems have plenty of needles. hahaha. Every time I passed the pot, I giggle myself to death looking at the parrot, reading at the cactus. LOL. 

So simple to put them all together and yet the feeling of rewards is so enormous. It last until the project disappear from y our sight. I'm  more than definitely you feel same way after  seeing your project  gets finished. 

I want to do more of this kind of dish. Seems easy. I have been comfortable with the mix I make so far.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Excitement in Life

Too much has change in the past few months. A lot of things I would like to share but I will limit myself some preferences.

Gardening has never been fun for me. 

Photography slowly getting into my head. 

Traveling seems not far away.

Camping is now in full force. 

More projects coming my way. yay

Increasing my stamina on running. 

Going to get into swimming. 

I am hoping to get some great bike to train on.

I believed I got so much in my head that it will blow up out of proportion. LOL.. alright !! I will pick and choose to see what I can get my hands on. But certainly the Triathlon is in my mind. 

For now here are my friends hanging out in the backyard. Well, not that they are hanging but more likely sitting around .. LOL