Friday, November 09, 2018

Albuca Spiralis "frizzle sizzle"

Sharing some new addition to my little garden.

They are called Albuca Spiralis Frizzle sizzle. I had been  having so much fun selling stuff in the marketplace on Facebook. These went like hot cakes..I save some for myself to see and discover their beauty.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Day trip to Anacapa Island.

It's been a dream to do some day trip around the neighborhood for quiet some time.

Last year towards the fall season, husband and I were able to do some trips around the area. One of the Channel Islands here in California and is the nearest one to get to is Anacapa. It's got some great history about it but I'm not going to get into details since I'm for sure I will be out of facts. I'm just out for fun and to see other things around besides, cars, cars and cars in los angeles freeways.

Was a great morning and we boarded the Island Packers. On our way to the island, the captain spotted some dolphins and so nicely enough guy, slowed down so all the folks boarded his boat can see and take photos, videos and so some of them took can have fun taking selfies with them pretty nice dolphins.

For me, I felt like I was in the discovery channel.. LOL. so here's my video and my talking like crap..LOL