LB Marathon 2011

Long Beach Marathon --October 09, 2011

We signed up at the expo on Friday. It was somewhat a good day for hubby's schedule since our son was off school. We were able to get our short run before we head out to the expo. We got lost for a little bit getting into the expo but he figured it out. Got in and looked around for a little, tried some energy bars and things and out the door we went. Got home and put the jeep away. Changed our clothes for gym and biking to it we went. 2 hours later came home and had dinner. We had Salmon for dinner with rice and some greens. I watered my plants and the rest of the night was spent on recliner, relaxing.

Busy day for us. Slept in for a little bit. Had breakfast and running we went. I did 5 miles while husband did 8 or 9 maybe it was. Showered and by 1:40 we were out the door for soccer game. The game was just a mess for the team. We got beat by a lot. 4-0. yeah, the 0 belongs to my sons' team.. The other team was just that good. But anyhow, husband was able to get some good Salmon and Yellow Tail sashimi while I was at the game. We wanted to have good lean dinner for the race. He picked us up and brought us home. Son got cleaned and ready to be taken to my friends' home for the night. By 6:30 pm we were out the driveway for the last time of the day to take him away. Got back by 7pm.
Our check in bags and shoes to wear with tags.

We gathered our things we needed. We both did our own packing. For me, I packed, 4 energy gels, some band aid, a credit card, care card, some cash and into the Ziploc they all went. I took 4 Tylenol. Wrapped 2 individually with tin foil for easy access and tucked them into my waists pouch. Gathered some changing clothes to checked in.  By 8 pm we found ourselves on recliner, feet up, and planned out what time we need to get up. By 9:20 we both are in bed..

I was awake at 11:47 pm. Went to the bathroom and crawled back into bed. Tried to close my eyes and think going to sleep. I somehow couldn't get my mind to sleep. By 2:30 am, I said to myself, better get at least half an hour more sleep or you will pass out on the course tomorrow. I must be so excited for the event that I couldn't sleep..!! I was getting pissed off of myself. I really wanted to have more sleep to be able to have a good thinking for the race!!

Sunday....3:30 am phone alarm went off. Time to get up! We both got up, made the bed and into the shower he went while I fixed some fresh coffee. I got dressed for the race and had a cup of coffee. After drinking that coffee, my tummy felt weird. Now I'm thinking, I had no sleep, and I hope that milk isn't going to take me down today.

By 4:10  am we were out of the door!! Fast walk to the bus stop. Carried us a cup of coffee. Got there after 10 minutes. The bus supposedly to come at 4:28 am. Waited there for some minutes. While waiting, husband was getting worried. I said to him, "  here, have a zip of coffee.." and he took it. The cup was full. 10 minutes later it came. Hop on and the bus went. It arrived at the stop we wanted to get off a little bit late, but that's not a problem. We only had 8 minutes extra to get to the train station.

We ran to the station. Husband knew the area, or somewhat. He used to work there, in downtown los angeles. Yeah. So running we did. Picked up my legs and tried to run like a Cheetah!!..  It was only a couple of blocks by the way. He somehow looked up and said, "we must have passed it..!!"  he turned around and ran again. I followed the lost man..!! LOL.. that makes me a lost woman..!! the heck for this race.

Found the entrance to the station. Got us tickets and downstairs we went. Got there and there's our train..but wait, we were standing in the wrong side of the train..!! ran upstairs again to get to the other side of the train.. As we were coming down the stairs, " I yelled, wait, wait.." and of course the driver couldn't hear me crying... so off the train it went..without us..!! by now, you can just picture a man that was lost earlier and now the train left him... he wasn't a happy camper..

I must say with a contrast to that unhappy man, he's always ready for anything. He's got all the fare we needed, rigth amount to hand to the driver or to get us ticket without reaching into his pockets. That is what I love about this "angry" person..hehehe.

In 10 minutes waiting there, another train came. He told me while waiting there, " if this train doesn't come on time, we are NOT going to make it to the marathon. I wishepered to him "it will come hon, don't worry!" The train was sort of empty when we got on it. Another couple we sat across from looked like they're also going to where we were going. Husband conversed with them for a little bit and yes, she is running for half .and that's her longest race she's going to do. We tried to rest during the ride. it was an hour ride. As the train collects more passengers, I kept seeing some marathoners. I whispered to husband, see, we are not late, there's many runners here, he smiled at me and I gave him kissed.

Got to the destination.  Got off and walked fast. I just can't seem to comprehend my man. he is always in a hurry to get where he needs to get to, then get there and seemed to look like bored.

As we made ourselves the first couple to crossed the road , a lot of people followed us. I said so loudly to them,, I'm sorry! I looked behind, there's a whole bunch of people lost trying to find our way to get down to the startling line. I was laughing so hard, because a girl said to me, look what you did! It was like a mob I created That was hilarious! that was somewhat made my morning after getting lost.

Port a pottie was our First stop. Stood in line for like10 minutes wasn't so bad. And to the check in gear we had to find. found it, took off my jacket and jammed it in my bag and handed our bag to this very nice volunteer. Find our way to the starting line.

Stretched ourselves while waiting for the gun to go off. So many excited runners there. We were standing so close to the starting line, maybe 20ft away. Talked to some runners there while waiting and someone sang the national anthem..

7 am came and a sissy's bike horn went off. Almost didn't heard it. so runners started on. Husband kissed me and said, " see you at the finish line". I replied, " be careful and call me after you crossed." he said yes. I was a bit jogging myself while getting my watch to do it's work,  record my time! I got frustrated trying to get it to work since I can't really see. I need reading glasses.  kept trying and finally after a few minutes passed the starting line I got it to work. I didn't realized that I was in the group of fast runners. I'm running to their pace for just a bit and said to myself, my husband didn't want me to stand way behind and I have to put up with this. and kept my cool and kept myself to the side of the road. and somehow I just had to pace myself.

So those were the photos I've collected. so many photos I had this time compare to the Los Angeles Marathon on March.

Mile 3 I took an energy gel. I felt tired of course for not having good sleep. I grabbed water every mile I pass. And before I knew it, felt port a pottie was the stop.

Mile 10 was the split. Marathoners must keep right and the half had to stay on left side. So Now we are smaller crowd. And good thing about it is that, i found people my pace. I didn't feel so much of a rush now. I just had to keep it going.

Mile 16 I looked ahead, well kind of going down hill for me but for the other lane traffic, they were coming up. I kept my eye on my husband while running. He told me that there's a chance that we will see each other on the course and he was right. It's mile 22 for him. Had to yell at him "hon" I said it twice and he gave me high five. I said to him, " you're looking great, keep up the pace".. and away he went.

I had so much fun going through the UCLA- long beach area. The kids were out and loud. I stretched my two arms and gave them high five as I went through the sort of tunnel they made for the runners to go through. I screamed too much that I felt worn down after I passed them. But that was fun..

Mile 22, My cell phone was ringing. I reached into my waist pouch to retrieved the cell. It was my husband. I told him am still in mile 22  and he said happily to me, "I'm proud of you, you are going fast". I said to him, am tired. keep going he told me. At this point I started to get wobbly. started thinking .why am I doing this to myself. and I answered my own self. because I can and because I want to add some medal on my wall.

Mile 26, I saw signs and more people on the side lines. As I was coming around the corner, it's down hill a bit and there's two split cones. I stayed on the right side. Started stretching my two tired arms up as far I as I can and put a huge smile on my face! yes, I made it to the finish line. but wait, I looked up and saw my time. It was 4:43 hours. I said to myself. is that my time or I'm in the wrong lane. I looked at the other lane and up, it has the same time. so I must be in my own lane. I passed the line. I was greeted with volunteers. hang my medal around my neck and I was pointed to go to straight. A girl took my photo. And she said to me, it's good. So I left. I looked around, they were giving a little blue plastic bag for the finishers. I took one from a volunteer.

By the gate, A guy told finishers that if you going out you are not going back in. So before I went out I called husband just to make sure he is near by. And he saw me.We hugged and smiled. I said to him, we did it again. And I said, I think my time was way under my goal time. He said, you were going fast!

We sat around for a bit, maybe 30 minutes. Then we decided to go home. Back to the train station. Called my friend whom watched my son. She congratulated us and also proud too. 

At the bus stop. The bus that we need to get on isn't on that board anymore. Had to take another bus that stops everywhere. But that's okay. we will get home somehow. We sat on that bus for more than 2 hrs that should've been 30 minutes. There were activities in downtown los angeles that time. So we were detoured. Got off the bus and walked for 10 minutes and made it home..

That was fun to me. But for husband, no. but oh well..we can't be happy all the time of our lives..
Me, so happy getting to the finish line.. proud of myself..
A link to that video. Not sure if will stay here forever.. My finish time.

My friend brought my son home with a flower.. She's so nice. 
Thank you Sally for this lovely Mums. Love the color.
Thank You Sally. You are someone I can count on anytime. Our kids has grown and so as our friendship.

My time and photos.