Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring is almost here.

Temperature in daytime these past week or so made me and my plants thinks it's summer. Yet, the spring is yet to come, officially. 

This year, I made plans to plant some vegetable with flowers. I made me some nice rectangular boxes for plants to be place in the middle of concrete backyard I have. I have limited area I can plant stuff and all those areas were taken, per say. 

I joined this group on Facebook a while ago. They sent 5 different seeds for all the 40 people to try. I am in group A. And I got all these seedlings. 
  • Kale Prism
  • Tomato Fantastico
  • Radish Roxanne
  • Basil Dolce Fresca
  • Pepper Pretty N Sweet
I share all of my seeds to 2 people since one girl really wanted to be part of the group and she was late to get her name in. And my niece wanted to try some too. 

Anyway, my experiment isn't that great looking. I opted for Kellogg's all natural soil and mixed it with a bit of peat moss. It said organic but my plants didn't look healthy at all. And more so that it grows lots of little mushrooms everyday. 

I  sowed all 5 different seeds. Not all germinated. And some cases, they died after I transplanted. And I guess, I didn't do it the right way. 
Kale Prizm
The mushrooms were competing with my Kale. I've harvested some leaves off of them already. I'm not happy with my soil choice this time. But, that's what it's called experiment.

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